About Our Orphan Project

Hope Home Imphal is an orphanage providing care for 23 girls between the ages of 4 and 15 years of age. It is in great need as it is located in an extremely poor part of India. Many of the girls’ parents are dead or too poor to raise another child in the depressed conditions of Manipur State in north-east India. Currently, Hope Home Imphal provides only the very basics – a safe place to live and one meal per day. In the past, the girls have not been able to attend school due to a shortage of funds to send them. We are trusting God to bring in the monies needed to afford an education to provide a future for these orphans.

A little history: The Word of God for Asia has provided the minimal funding necessary for Hope Home Imphal for 12 years. This support has bridged the gap in necessary funding for operational expenses. A pastor and his wife started the orphanage while they were working with The Word of God for Asia in Manipur. They saw a desperate need for a home for abandoned girls. They wanted to build stability in each orphan’s life and provide an environment for the children to recognize who God is and to help them build a lasting relationship with God in a loving home.

Resources are extremely limited and funds cannot be collected in this very economically depressed area. We are asking you to help us to continue and expand this loving care by providing school tuition, uniforms & supplies for each girl. This level of care can be provided for just $60 per month. We are asking God to raise up sponsors for each girl.